About Mystic Glass Creations

Mystic Glass Creations was formed in 2003 by Tyler Hayes and Kim Reid. With the help of a government grant, Kim and Tyler where able to obtain small business management training and expand their new business. In the past 15 years, Mystic Glass Creations has continued to sell their work at many recognized and reputable art shows, festivals and local markets throughout Vancouver Island. Since the birth of their company they have grown into wholesaling their glass pendant line all across Canada, the USA and Hawaiian Islands. Mystic Glass Creations continues to grow by introducing new products, using diverse creativity and continually seeking knowledge from the glass community.

About Kim Reid

Born in 1976 in Amherst, Nova Scotia , Kim’s formal education ended after two years at the NSCAD University in 1999. After travelling out west, Kim settled on Vancouver Island where she took several classes with a local glass torch worker. In 2002, she set up her first studio with the help of her good friend and business partner, Tyler Hayes. Soon after, Mystic Glass Creations was formed. Kim has worked with and learnt from many different glass artists in her career and thanks everyone for sharing their glass skills with her. Currently Kim is exploring how to fully express herself in glass with all of the knowledge she has collected over the many years. Kim currently resides in the West Shore in Langford, BC.

About Tyler Hayes

After travelling out West from New Brunswick, Tyler found his passion with glass in the early 2000’s. Tyler enjoys working with glass because he can manipulate a solid form into a liquid and back into a solid again. From this process, he enjoys creating something unique and beautiful. He finds the depth of glass alluring and loves how sunshine brings his creations to life. Some of the glass training that Tyler has received throughout his career has been through classes with recognized artists such as John Kobuki, Steve Sizelove, and Josh Sable. Tyler is constantly working on expanding his knowledge through new creative expressions. Tyler currently lives in Cobble Hill, B.C. and enjoys a rural lifestyle with his with his wife and there two children.