Memorial Cremation Ash Keepsake Jewelry

1. How much ash do I need?
1 teaspoon of cremation ash is required per piece. I only need this small amount, please do not send extra, 1/2 teaspoon of cremation ash is more than enough.
2. Can pet ashes be used in Memorial Jewelry?
Yes, we can infuse human or animal cremation ash into our jewelry.
3. How big are your pendants?
All the pendants are individually handcrafted so the size varies. The large pendants are approximately 3-4 cm long and 2cm wide. If you are looking for a specific size please include a note on the form (#14) to be included with your cremains.
4. How long does it take to make the memorial keepsakes?
Once I receive the cremains it takes 2-3 weeks before they are ready to be shipped back. If you need your order by a specific date please make a note on the form provided below or reach our by phone or e-mail to discuss. I will do my best to meet your time frame.
5. How do I ship the cremation ash?
An email will be sent with your tracking information, so you know where your package is at all times once your order is completed. All orders are shipped exclusively through Canada Post. I strongly recommend that you ship your ashes to us in a tracked package. Canada Post offers tracked shipping boxes that you can purchase at any Canada Post location. The extra small box is perfect, under $20 to ship, tracked and they provided the box.
6. How do I get the ashes to you?
You can SHIP - the address is on the form in question #14 (I recommend sending in a tracked parcel - see #5) or DROP OFF - please reach out for instructions.
7. Can I get a family discount?
Yes, orders over $900 (Retail only that are ordered directly through our website) are eligible for a discount and will automatically be applied at checkout. Sale items are included in this discount. Family orders are sent to one address. Accommodations can be made to ship to multiple addresses, please reach out to make arrangements and get a shipping quote.
8. How durable is your jewelry?
We use laboratory-grade borosilicate, durable glass with the same physical properties as Pyrex. Our jewelry withstands everyday wear, but we know accidents happen. If your pieces are damaged by dropping onto a hard surface they can be repaired. You will be required to ship back where we can reheat, fuse and repair jewelry in our studio.
9. Please include a photograph.
I like to have a photograph present when I’m making the piece as I feel like it connects me to the process of making these special pieces, that is of course if you feel comfortable sharing a photo with me, digital or hardcopy. Photos will be returned with finished jewelry.
10. What is your process?
I am a flameworker and all my pieces are hand sculpted one at a time on an oxygen propane torch and are made from borosilicate glass, the strongest glass available on the market. The artist sculpts molten glass on a torch at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit carefully spiralling fine silver or 24K Gold smoke vapour with a small amount of cremation ash within layers of the glass. The Cremation ash resembles snow or shimmering stars in the finished piece. Each pendant is as distinctive as your loved one as the cremains and smoke create a unique pattern in every hand-crafted memorial keepsake created in our glass studio
11. Do you make custom memorial keepsakes?
Yes. However, I mainly focus on jewelry and create pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. I can make all of my designs in any colour you see on the website. Additionally, I make a small globe paperweight and a heart sculpture. As for custom shapes or animals… As much as I would like to make everything I’m asked to create, this isn’t always possible. If I don’t think it’s possible I will say NO, not because I don’t want to but because I have to honour my artistic limitations. I charge $50.00 an hour for custom pieces, however, I can’t guarantee that the piece will work out and I have to pay myself for my time. I stop after 2 hours if I'm having a difficult time creating your request to see if you want me to proceed. I am currently in the process of designing new memorial keepsakes to accommodate the many custom requests I have received.
12. Additional questions
Reach out by email at [email protected] OR… we can set up a FREE 30-minute consultation… text me at 250-642-3912 and I will get back to you with a few time slots for us to connect by phone or in person. PLEASE do not show up at my residential studio unless we have arranged an appointment.
13. Ship or Drop Off to:
K. Reid of MGC, 2870 Jacklin Road, Langford, BC, V9B 3Y2
14. Please include the form below with your cremation remains:
Name:________________________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________________ City:__________________________________________________________________ Postal Code:___________________________________________________________ Cell Number:_________________________________________________________ Email address:__________________________________________________________ How did you find me: ______________________________________________________ Additional Notes and special requests: _______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ --